As with all Dirks products, the new BASIC range of cutlery inserts is manufactured using easy-to-clean and recyclable plastics. The optional soft-touch surfaces of the inserts make for extra comfort and convenience. They are, of course, also available in trend colours as well as special shades.

The programme is completed by additional parts from wood or plastic for storing knives and pots of spices and seasonings.

Dirks Nick Broschüre
Please refer to our
product brochure for further
information on available
sizes and materials.
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Further cutlery trays
Standard finishes

Alu grey fine textured

White fine textured

Lightgrey fine textured

Sandsilver fine textured

Slate grey fine textured

Alu metallic fine textured

Silver metallic gloss

White gloss

Anthracite mat

Stainless steel finish

Wood finish

Carbon finish
Materiality and haptics go hand in hand. We process high-quality plastics which are ecologically compatible and easy to clean, and offer a wide range of different finishes and decors.
Please refer to our product brochure
for further cutlery trays.
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